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                At Render Plaster Repair, we take pride in how we approach leaving all areas clean and tidy unlike some of our counterparts who these days are not committed to respecting their customers or property. I Brian personally have been involved with render and plaster repairs for over 11 years, I personally train all my employees to a high standard.


Our aim is to continue to supply our clients with this high standard we endeavour to do the very best that can be achieved, guaranteeing our results. There are no hidden costs involved we give you only what your needs require


We repair all internal render and plaster, using the best possible materials available, our aim is to eliminate cosmetic cover ups that is occurring in the trade at present, to do this we open up all cracks back to the source, resin fill to adhere and prevent future cracking, render fill and plaster, leaving the areas clean smooth ready to seal and paint. External render cracking is based on the same principal excluding the plastering.


We now have access to a remarkable product where we are able to cover seal and tint to your chosen colour all external render web cracking, leaving your external walls looking fresh clean and paint free for countless years to come, without the cracking reappearing as it leaves a resin coating making it water and weather proofed. 


The products we are using are refined to our needs, they also have a variety of uses we can repair seal and tint external and internal fishponds, cracked or dull roofs, gutters coated preventing rust from appearing.


Do not throw away your old tired looking letterbox let us bring it back to life to last for many many more years.


We are supplied by PDA products using their mortar fill and unique coatings these are tried and tested to a high standard and recommended highly by us.





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